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Free Download Magic Submitter Incl Crack Full Version
Magic Submitter is a tool that helps SEO’s build massive amounts of backlinks on autopilot. See, the two main components of SEO are content and backlinks. Backlinks are kind of like “votes” telling Google and other search engines that a particular site is important and to pay attention, but getting those backlinks can be quite tedious.

So, with Magic Submitter you’re able to not only create a massive amount of natural looking backlinks very quickly to help you rank your sites, but you can even create targeted campaigns with custom backlinking formulas and strategies to help set yourself apart from the competition.

Now, when I first got into online marketing, I had heard about tools like Magic Submitter and thought it was way over my head. It’s actually a pretty simple tool to use, and they have great tutorials and support. And compared to all the other tools out there, Magic Submitter has actually been around the longest, so it’s not some shady fly-by-night blackhat program.

My only hangup is that I believe it’s only for Windows…however if you do have a Mac like me you can easily still run it by installing a program like VMWare or installing the program on a VPS.

If you are considering it, then I would also consider investing in some training from a Magic Submitter expert, but as I mentioned they do have very helpful tutorials inside to ensure you can get the most out of the software. Or, the other option, if you’re lazy, is to just outsource your linkbuilding on a marketplace like Fiverr.

But, I do 100% support investing in Magic Submitter, and in my last several years online I’ve seen a big need to be filled of more people offering quality Magic Submitter link building services. So, if you decided to go that route, you could absolutely make thousands per month, since most people that understand SEO have no interest in investing in these types of programs to build the links themselves.

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