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I wouldn't suggest Dofus Kamas Omni or dual elements
I wouldn't suggest Dofus Kamas Omni or dual elements until level 150 at least and I'll personally remain mono with most of my courses (excepted for fogger in your instance ).For early amounts, the gobball (and imperial gobball) set provides you the opportunity to play int or str, the toady place, along with a loony tofu cloak will be a great beginning for an agi set and to get a cha set, you can use an akwadala or an ice hockey Kwak set which are great choices before level 45. As you're playing on Ily, I believe I would choose fogger to get a better/easier solo experience but I think rogue and Elio can also be gods at solo plays, but I won't mix the learning curve with needing to play solo after a long time rest. But that's just preferences.I would like to recommend you our list on Ily that could help you find friends and mates!

Well we're talking about performing your combo that is entire. What I find is that yeah, rogue/elio and a number of others are somewhat more complex than a cra but it's accurate for every class which needs some setup before being able to do damages like sadi or srams in which you have to wait several turns. Even a cra needs to wait for turn 7 to deal his finest damages with atonement and punitive.Something else to think about is that after a rogue has his bombs put up, while this isn't true as bombs frequently get concentrated and the enemy have to be transferred into walls, a rogue could potentially deal huge damages without even spending an AP so that seems like a fantastic compromise for me.

A rogue doesn't have to invest 9 AP on bombs every turn. It is simple to reach 11 AP (without compromising a lot of stats) from the lvl 100 which is normally quick to accomplish, so I mostly told him not to bother reaching 11 AP as he might have focused on that (as you can reach 11 AP at level 60 without too much problems ) but it would have been really expensive without Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro.

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