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In business Marcus Foligno Womens Jersey , individuals often secure the services of a success coach like myself to "fix" certain areas of their professional life. The desired fixes typically range from a desire for a promotion andor a salary increase, to on-the-job performance enhancements, to improving one's personal productivity, to boosting one's level of enthusiasm about their job.

Having coached literally hundreds of executives on how to improve their professional life, I recently came to the realization that many of the issues and challenges faced by aspiring professionals are more similar than not to those of someone trying to lose weight in an effort to improve his or her health and wellness.

In short, both of these groups often seek someone or something that, with minimum effort Jason Zucker Womens Jersey , expense, and time, can get their situations fixed and on a desirable course for the long term.

Like many challenges faced by business people looking to enhance their career path, those with weight-related challenges may also be failing to realize that the weight problem is actually a symptom of other, more deep-seated problems that are occurring elsewhere in their lives. In other words, the obstacles overweight and obese people face may, in fact Joel Eriksson Ek Womens Jersey , not necessarily be food-related at all, just as problems at work may have very little to do with what's actually occurring on the job.

In my practice, , I use an holistic process to assess all of the elements required to affect our client's success in business, rather than analyzing what is likely a mere symptom. This exclusive process, known as The Four Windows Method takes into account the whole of an individual -- not just the obvious areas related to the problem at hand. Although created for use in a business context, The Four Windows Method is infinitely adaptable to those attempting to lose weight.

With The Four Windows Method Zach Parise Womens Jersey , health seekers can work through a series of actions designed to provide a status review of their life using four distinct windows. Unlike other coaching methods that are tactical in nature, your final analysis, and the action plan derived from this assessment, will be strategic, holistic, and all encompassing.

When you move on to work toward weight-loss success, there will be No Walls to hold you back. This reasoned and methodical approach of The Four Windows Method will help you to understand where you are Mikko Koivu Womens Jersey , what you want, and how to get there and you'll be healthier, and happier, as a result.

"Losing weight rarely relates to simply implementing the 'right diet' or the 'right workout'," said Raphael Calzadilla, B.A., CPT Mike Reilly Womens Jersey , ACE and a Certified Personal Trainer. "From my extensive personal and professional health experience, I've learned that one must first understand the driving emotional and psychological forces in their life in order to make the required behavioral changes. McKee's Four Windows Method is one such process. It can help health seekers get on the right emotional track, allowing them to more effectively work toward -- and reach -- their goal."

About the Four Windows Method, Susan Burke MS, RD, LDN, CDE noted Chris Stewart Womens Jersey , "It's clear John McKee understands that weight loss encompasses much more than just food modification. His introspective Four Windows Method digs deeper in an attempt to uncover one's true motivation for overeating, which has resulted in the 'symptom' of an overweight or obese condition. McKee's Method is designed to achieve permanent behavioral change to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for the long term and, as such, it's an effort that I wholeheartedly endorse." By applying The Four Windows Process to your weight loss effort, you will surely be well on track toward improved health and wellness.

What Are The Four Windows? To get a free a free PDF copy of The Method to try yourself go to:

John McKee, a certified business and executive coach, is the expert and visionary behind  Eric Staal Womens Jersey , an online destination for professionals who aspire to maximize their success in business. He can be reached through his web site at >10 Reasons Why Telecommunication Companies are good for Business
Posted by commit on November 27th, 2015

Timely and reliable communication is a critical aspect of business, regardless of the type of organization or the kind of operation you run. Telecommunication service providers and carriers make this possible and it is essential that you find a partner company that can best serve your needs and is part of a network with a proven track record of success. Here are reasons why your business needs telecom companies to survive:

• They promote improved communication. Telecom services provide you a reliable network for information exchange through different electronic means, including traditional wired and more advanced wireless methods.

• They increase your reach. Connectivity can be shared within organizational headquarters and office buildings (room to room) or across the country and even the entire world. This can be through the use of telephony, internet-connected computers, handheld communication devices, fax machines Tyler Ennis Jersey , and even more prevalent today, through smart phones and tablets with increased capabilities that enable mobile communication.

• They provide solutions for efficient access and transfer of all kinds of information, ranging from documents to applications, emails, voice, video, etc.

• They enable enhanced team collaboration. It is not uncommon for organizations to have cross-functional teams working on collective corporate initiatives Jared Spurgeon Jersey , programs, new products, andor branding and marketing campaigns. These are teams that require constant discussions and platforms where they can share ideas. Telecom services bridge the gap between these teams, bringing employees and teams together to accomplish their joint ventures.

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